A Tree with Only One Leaf: Multiple Vertices Connected By One Path (Volume 1)

“Readers might be surprised to learn that this isn’t just a single book – but a twelve-volume series of short stories that builds up to an intricate and complex novel about me single-handedly spearheading a class-action racial discrimination lawsuit against a major global company,” explains Welch. The friends I made along the way have become as family for me and that is one of the many great things that resulted. “I wanted to take people on a journey. Hence, the first book begins when I am just ten-years-old and paints a picture of how I became the kind of woman who was able to take on such a risky endeavor.”

Now available internationally in nine languages including, French, German, Italian, and Spanish




A Tree with Only One Leaf: The First Page in a Tale that Spans Decades. Raw, Compelling New Series of Short Stories Explores Racial Discord in America

Take this delightful walk with her, and through these words on a page, you will experience the joyful triumphs and the ever-failing fears as Emily (Welch’s character) allow her faith and the Universe to show her the way.