A Tree with Only One Leaf By Cassandra L. Welch

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A Tree with Only One Leaf: The First Page in a Tale that Spans Decades. Raw, Compelling New Series of Short Stories Explores Racial Discord in America

Based on the life and experiences of author Cassandra L Welch, ‘A Tree with Only One Leaf: Multiple Vertices Connected By One Path’ masterfully blends fact with fiction in what is the start of twelve short stories set to educate a generation about not only Welch’s achievements, but also illuminate the civil rights movement in a way never done before. Follow heroine Emily Richardson as she comes of age and rapidly learns to overachieve – skills that will eventually prepare her to take on a Fortune 500 company in one of modern-day America’s most defining racial discrimination lawsuits. 


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Fred, VA Passersby may not recognize Cassandra L. Welch when she walks down the street. However, what would they say if they knew she was directly responsible for changing the face of corporate America through one of the most blistering racial discrimination suits ever brought to court? It’s an incredible story in the truest sense of the word: Welch, the daughter of a hardworking coalminer, grabbing headlines and taking on the toxic environment of a Fortune 500 company without a single shred of fear.

For the first time, readers and historians will get a birds-eye view of Welch’s story in ‘A Tree with Only One Leaf: Multiple Vertices Connected By One Path’ – volume one of a twelve-part series of short stories that utilize the power of fiction to capture the nuances of Welch’s tale. Little by little, piece by piece, readers will witness the coming-of-age of a humble young girl who grows up to become a fierce powerhouse of strength; ready to take on a corporate Giant in an unprecedented lawsuit.


Emily Richardson stands at the precipice, a young girl on the threshold of life, but what can she really expect?
This story, is the first of twelve enchanting shorts, fiction mingled with fact, tales of the accelerating and witty encounters Emily faces as she fumbles her way through the journey of ages, trying to find her true purpose. The finale will be a separate novel based on a true civil rights event of national significance. Each engagement will leave you in anticipation for the next complicated twist of fate that allows the young lady to explore life and challenge it, to find the keys to personal growth and success, to see her dreams come to fruition. Only when she begins to listen to those dreams does real transformation unfold.
Emily learns many things during her journey, just as we all do. Chief among them is that there really is no formula for living the life she secretly dreams about; however, if she simply accepts and welcomes life, bathing it in faith, prayer and perseverance, that life will reveal itself to her.

Take this delightful walk with her, and through these words on a page, you will experience the joyful triumphs and the ever-failing fears as Emily allows her faith and the Universe to show her the way.

“Readers might be surprised to learn that this isn’t just a single book – but a twelve-volume series of short stories that builds up to an intricate and complex novel about me single-handedly spearheading a class-action racial discrimination lawsuit against a major global company,” explains Welch. The friends I made along the way have become as family for me and that is one of many good things that resulted. “I wanted to take people on a journey. Hence, the first book begins when I am just ten-years-old and paints a picture of how I became the kind of woman who was able to take on such a risky endeavor.”

Continuing, “The last novel will tell the entire story of my ten-year legal debacle. I have to tread very carefully to make sure I didn’t cross any privacy or legal boundaries, hence why I will be seeking to engage with a large team of legal and publishing experts prior to releasing the novel to craft something with a compelling story based on the actual historic event – while ensuring all participants retained their dignity. It wasn’t my intention – and still isn’t – to disparage those who were unfair to me. This is not about revenge.”

Welch has already tested her work on a diversified team of test-readers. The results were glowingly positive.

I assembled a team that spanned age, race and culture – and many came back saying they’re convinced the book is going to become an international bestseller. And that’s just what I want; the short stories leading up to the novel to establish credibility for me as an author and the novel’s core message is so vital to our global community with its message of peace, kindness and bravery. The final novel is approximately two years away from publication, and there are eleven more short stories to come before it. Perhaps it seems like an overwhelming undertaking, but I’m very familiar with those! I would love to engage with in publishers and play writers who may be interested in my work. I think it would make an excellent mini-series.”

‘A Tree with Only One Leaf: Multiple Vertices Connected By One Path’ is available now:





About the Author:

The youngest of thirteen children, born to Pastor Julius C. and First Lady Eula E. (Wright) Richardson in Beckley, West Virginia in the 1960s she is an exemplary model of the rich family values instilled in her, the embodiment of hard work, integrity, and sincere faith. Her father was a coalminer for forty years while serving as pastor of one of the most notable congregations in the black church community in her small town, so leadership and service was naturally handed down like a good piece of an older sibling’s clothing; her mother, an innovative domestic engineer, added something new and even more magnificent to the piece with each hand-me-down, until it


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