A Tree With Only One Leaf


“Of course there is no formula for success except, perhaps, an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.” ~ Arthur Rubinstein

Emily Richardson stands at the precipice, a young girl on the threshold of life, but what can she really expect?

This story, is the first of  many to follow in the series of enchanting shorts, fiction mingled with fact, tales of the accelerating and witty encounters Emily faces as she fumbles her way through the journey of ages, trying to find her true purpose. The finale will be a separate novel based on a true civil rights event of national significance. Each engagement will leave you in anticipation for the next complicated twist of fate that allows the young lady to explore life and challenge it, to find the keys to personal growth and success, to see her dreams come to fruition. Only when she begins to listen to those dreams does real transformation unfold.

Emily learns many things during her journey, just as we all do. Chief among them is that there really is no formula for living the life she secretly dreams about; however, if she simply accepts and welcomes life, bathing it in faith, prayer and perseverance, that life will reveal itself to her.

Take this delightful walk with her, and through these words on a page, you will experience the joyful triumphs and the ever-failing fears as Emily allows her faith and the Universe to show her the way.


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